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If the question interests you and if you allow me a few minutes of your precious free time I can in fact indicate you all those that in my humble opinion represent the best IPTV apps in circulation. There are for Android and iOS, both free and paid, they are all (or almost) free of content (those must be added by hand personally through lists) and all usable without any kind of problem even by the less tight in terms of new technologies. Obviously, given the nature of the IPTV system to be able to exploit them it is essential, in all cases, that your mobile phone or tablet is connected to the Internet, Wi-Fi or mobile data does not make a difference (but in this second case, watch out for consumption. !).

Then? How about finally putting the chatter aside and taking the real action? Yes? Very well. Then grab your device, make yourself comfortable, carefully read the instructions you find below and immediately download and configure the resource that you think will do the most for you. Good download and, of course, enjoy!

The first among the IPTV apps that I want to suggest you to consider is IPTV Express ( It is a no-cost resource available for both Android and iOS that allows you to view any IPTV playlist. It also integrates the autoplay of the latest channel and the TV guide for Italian channels. According to need, the playlist can be uploaded via FTP, via HTTP Server and via links in M3U format. In short, try it now and you will see that you will not regret it.

To use Streams for Us (, download, install and start the app on your device and then press the "+" button at the top right to add the links to the playlists from which you want to download the channels. In the screen that is subsequently shown to you, type the name of the playlist, its link and step on Done. Then wait for the loading of channels to be completed and press OK.

Top Dog IPTV ( is a relatively new IPTV provider on the IPTV scene. But don't let this put you off, the guys behind this service have really been around for a long time and have previously run a successful IPTV service.

So how does IPTV Hut ( stack up against some of the other IPTV providers on this list? Well, the TV crew doesn't really excel at anything in particular. It provides a fairly basic service (which is a good thing, fewer things can break). At the same time, they have a very diverse content catalog that should cover most people's tastes.

In terms of content, KS Hosting ( provides access to a stream of 25,000 content, both from live TV channels and VoD. That is really impressive. Obviously I haven't tested all channels, but when testing the UK and US sections I didn't find a substantial number that had streaming issues or were not available at all.

It's hard to know how many of those 25,000 streams are VoD, but based on your own claims and some quick checks on my part, I'm sure there are plenty of live TV channels out there.

Ping IPTV ( broadcasts are very diverse and cover television in Spain, the UK, France and many other European countries, India, the Middle East and, of course, the United Kingdom and the United States. Similarly, for many countries and languages, there are on-demand movies and TV shows available.

The only problem I could find with this line of very international content is the somewhat basic coverage of the English TV channels. Don't get me wrong, all the usual suspects are there and you still get hundreds of stations from the US and UK. However, the selection is not as diverse as some of the other IPTV services that often also have regional US channels and primary and backup broadcasts.

Bomba TV ( has the option to create custom channel lists to help you reduce the number of channels you would never watch anyway. Only require streams from a specific country? TV Team will help you get rid of all unnecessary channels. This makes zapping much easier and also reduces the loading time of the playlist.

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